Sunday, April 5, 2009


I'll write you poetry
Set to a melody
Set to the beating of your heart
And maybe then you'll see
I can be the one who brings the dimples to your cheeks
The one who illuminates your dark.

I've always been somebody's weakness
Tonight I want to be somebody's strength.

I want to know what makes you bleed
And what's behind each breath you breathe
I want to know the color of your soul
I want to know what makes you laugh
And what's behind each dream you have
I want to know what makes you lose control
I want to count the freckles on your skin
And visit every place you've ever been
I want to add your world to my own
And know you like you've never been known.

And if you want to know me, too, tonight
That's all right
But my green eyes will be your kryptonite
And I will show you all of me
And all my insecurities
But you will have to let me be your weakness
And you will have to reveal all your flaws
And you will have to open up your heart and let me in
Because only in your weakness will you recognize my strength
And I'll go to any length to prove
Your secret's safe with me, my love
Your secret's safe with me
And together, in the dark tonight, we will be

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