Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Life's too short

I can't even count the number of times I've heard people tell me, "Life's too short not to have fun." And while I agree to an extent, I sometimes wonder if I'm the only person with the philosophy, "Life's too short to have meaningless, pointless fun."

Is there anyone anymore who understands the benefits of delayed gratification? Is there anyone who believes that a meaningful life of purpose, character and wisdom is a thousand times better than a life of hedonism, one-night stands and me-first-ism?

Is there anyone anymore who realizes that there are only a finite number of grains of sand in the hourglass of life, and once they drop, they can't be taken back? Is there anyone who cares?

Oh, believe me, I enjoy fun just as much as the next girl. But only the kind of fun that means something... that will still mean something ten, twenty, fifty years from now.

Guess I'm just a little old-fashioned. And I guess I'm OK with that.

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leksificus maksimus said...

This is why I love you. You are real. You are honest. And you are blunt.

But most of all, you don't necessarily judge those who do those things either.

To each their own.